LoyaltyLion has a built-in referral solution, which can be used to track and reward referrals. Customers can refer friends by sharing their unique referral link.

Referral links look like and are permanent 301 redirects to your site, so you get the SEO benefits of them being shared. Each share location (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) is tracked separately, so you’ll be able to see in your LoyaltyLion dashboard which source is generating the most referrals.

Enabling referrals

To activate the referral feature, you need to add an activity rule to reward referrals. If you didn’t do this during setup, you can do so by going to the Manage area in your LoyaltyLion account and creating a new “Refer a friend” rule.

When referrals are enabled, the “Refer friends” page appears automatically in the combined Loyalty Panel component. From here, your customers can refer their friends via email, social media channels and a direct link.

You can also use our separate referral modal component, which can pop up automatically on page load or on demand (for example, on click).

Tracking referrals

We automatically track referrals on Shopify, BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce.

When someone follows one of our referral links they’ll be redirected to your site with an ll_ref_id (referral id) parameter, for example,

You’ll need to capture this referral id, store it in your session and send it to us when the new customer registers or places an order. Refer to our activities API for more information.