Loyalty emails

LoyaltyLion can send emails to your customers…

  • When they create an account, welcoming them to your loyalty program
  • When they earn enough points for a reward, providing them with one-click reward redemption from their inbox
  • Every month, if they have enough points for a reward

By default, your loyalty emails start out turned off so you can tweak them before we’ll start sending them to your customers. Log in to your LoyaltyLion account and click the ‘Emails’ tab to edit and preview all your emails.

Editing emails

Every email in LoyaltyLion can be fully customised using the Liquid markup language. Please see below for a reference of available variables you can use in your email HTML.

{{ program_name }}The name of your loyalty program
{{ store_name }}The name of your store
{{ customer.first_name }}The first name of the customer
{{ customer.full_name }}The full name of the customer
{{ customer.email }}The email address of the customer
{{ customer.points_approved }}The number of approved (that is, can be redeemed for rewards) points the customer has
{{ customer.points_pending }}The number of pending (not yet redeemable) points the customer has
{{ customer.referral_url }}The customer’s unique referral URL, for example, https://prz.io/KzByQ2Fa

Tracking email results

When a customer follows a link to your store in one of our emails, it contains ll_eid parameter in the URL. You can use this in your own analytics to determine how many people are visiting your store from our emails.

We can also show you how much revenue has been generated because of our emails, that is, customers who clicked a link to visit your store and then immediately made a purchase.

If you’re on Shopify, PrestaShop or Adobe Commerce, we’ll track this for you automatically. If you’ve integrated LoyaltyLion using our API, you’ll need to send us the email tracking ID with purchases.

Managing unsubscribes

All emails sent by LoyaltyLion contain an unsubscribe link. When clicked, we’ll add that customer to our unsubscribe list and won’t send them loyalty emails in future.

We also have an unsubscribe API to get our list of unsubscribes and add your own. This is useful if you want to keep our unsubscribe list in sync with an external list.

You can use our API to view and add unsubscribes. See our API docs for more information