Installation on Shopify

LoyaltyLion has full support for Shopify and Shopify Plus. When you install the LoyaltyLion app on Shopify, we’ll automatically integrate with your store.

Installing the LoyaltyLion Shopify app

If you haven’t already, you can install the app from here:

How we add the SDK to your theme

During setup journey, you’ll enable the LoyaltyLion App Embed Block on your store. This will load the LoyaltyLion SDK - without any edits to your theme. Don’t worry - nothing will be visible to your customers until you hit the ‘launch’ button.

 Legacy loyaltylion.liquid

If you installed LoyaltyLion on Shopify before December 2023, we’ll have created a file called loyaltylion.liquid and included it automatically in your theme.liquid.

We recommend that you migrate to use app embed blocks to load your SDK. To do so, follow our migration guide.