Points for product

Use this component to display how many points a customer will earn for purchasing a particular product.


In order to show the points that will be gained for purchasing a particular product, two attributes are needed.

The first, data-lion-price-for-product-id, must be added to an element whose text content is the price of the product. The value of this attribute should be equal to the ID of the product.

The second attribute, data-lion-points-for-product-id, will set the innerHTML of its element to the computed points value of the matching data-lion-price-for-product-id attribute on the page.

Please note that the points shown here only include points awarded for the purchase rule.


Example for Shopify

Add data-lion-price-for-product-id to an element containing the price of the product.

<span id="ProductPrice" data-lion-price-for-product-id="{{ product.id }}">£12.99</span>

Then, insert data-lion-points-for-product-id where you want to show how many points a customer will get for buying this product.

  Earn <span data-lion-points-for-product-id='{{ product.id }}'></span> points