Customer points

You can display the logged in customer’s points somewhere on the page using this component.


Whenever we find this component on the page, we’ll set its innerHTML to the requested value.

If there is no logged in customer, or the current customer has been blocked from the program, all values will be 0.


<!-- customer's total (approved + pending) points -->
<span data-lion-points></span>

<!-- customer's approved (redeemable) points -->
<span data-lion-points='approved'></span>

<!-- customer's pending points -->
<span data-lion-points='pending'></span>

<!-- customer's spent points -->
<span data-lion-points='spent'></span>

<!-- customer's lifetime (approved + pending + spent + expired) points -->
<span data-lion-points='lifetime'></span>

<!-- customer's total (approved + pending) points
     plus points they will earn in the current cart
     for merchants using instant points -->
<span data-lion-points='cart'></span>